How to Make A Cat  Hammock


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I volunteer at an animal shelter where they get donations of old bedding and towels.  I take the pillow cases home to make cat hammocks out of them.  We hang them in the cat cages and the cats simply love them.  They curl up in them so nice an cozy.  They also keep the cats high and dry, should they accidentally spill their water bowls or turn over their litter pans. 

The volunteers like them too, because they are a snap to wash, fast drying and easy to fold and stack.   A lot of the pillow cases are so pretty and colorful, they really brighten up the cages.


Materials needed to make CAT  HAMMOCKS:
  • 1 Bag of High Loft Batting - Queen/King can make up to 9 or 10 hammocks depending on the pillowcases
  • Scissors, pinking shears, thread, bobbins, pins, sharp scissors and a sewing machine.
  • Key ring hooks or ribbons or material
  • Pillow cases

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Usually pillowcases have a hem of about 2-1/2 inches.  I'll rip it open and cut off 2 inches (leaving 1/2 in to fold under to sew closed the pillowcase.    I take this 2-1/2 inch strip and make a long strip...  see the link in Step 6 to make loops.
 Step 1:  Turn a pillow case inside out.  
 Step 2:  Lay out a double layer of batting on table, place the inside-out pillow case on top of batting

 Step 3: Cut batting all around, slightly smaller than the pillow case.



 Step 4:  Reach into the pillowcase, grab the batting underneath by the corners and turn pillowcase right-side out, as if you're putting a pillow case on a pillow.


 Step 5: Sew pillowcase closed.  And then sew all around about 3 or 4 inches from edge.  This will keep the batting secure during laundering.




Optional:  You can sew designs to tack down the batting, like the ones pictured here. 


 Step 6:  Cut 4 ribbons 4 inches long using pinking shears...
              or clikc here to see how to make loops. 
              You can also make button holes instead.


 Step 7:  Take a ribbon and fold in half ...

... then fold back the bottom loose ends and tuck under when stitching ribbon onto corners of hammocks.
 Step 8: Switch to Zig-Zag stitch (try saying that 3 times fast) and sew to  corner of the hammock.  Repeat for each corner.
 Step 9: Finished!                  
Now attach the 4 hooks and hang in cage a gently place cat in hammock.  For those cats that do not like to go in the hammocks, we use them (without hooks) on the floor of the cage as a bed.

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    my cat in his hammock that hangs from the boxspring under my bed.    


   Thank you so much for your interest in making kitties comfy


If you would like to purchase ready-made hammocks visit

I cut down the size to 30 x 20 - sew loops on the four corners and stuff with batting.

Cut 1 piece 35 x 25 and 1 piece 25 x 15  finished size is 30 x 20.

The Self Binding Baby Quilt (Receiving Blanket)

Check out this video on YouTube:

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